This site will be updated periodically, so that all of you can see what is happening with us as we live, and serve here in Ecuador! We look forward to seeing all your comments. To check out what has been happening with us, select “Posts” from the menu above.

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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey Baby Girl,
    Have been thinking about you and hoping you are feeling better. I know it is hard this adjustment period and to be sick on to of that makes it even harder. But you at least have a place you can call “home” and friends who love and support you. And a mom who will always be proud of the woman you have become! I love you Elena.

  2. My husband & I’ll be visiting Ecuador for the first time next month to check it out to relocate and to help out with the territory. We are from NJ and only speak English.

    • thank you for you comment on our blog. Sorry for the slow response. We have now been back in the states for a while, and no longer regularly check our blog. We hope your visit went well, and you found Ecuador to be as encouraging as we did.

  3. I saw your pictures of your legs covered in bug bites. Our family is staying in Cuenca and my daughter and I have gotten lots of bug bites that feel similar to jigger bites, around our panty line. We have spent quite a bit of time by the river. Did you get the bites in Cuenca and did you figure out what type of bug was biting you? I am concerned ours may be bed bugs as I have not heard of too many biting bugs in Cuenca. Any thoughts? I did hear one blog mention sandflies.

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