After the special assembly day we got the chance to head to the beach with our friends Nathan and Samantha. We chose the small town of Montañita about 2 and 1/2 hrs from Guayaquil by bus. We got there late Saturday night, and were immediately blown away by what a crazy little town this was. The streets were teeming with people. We had heard that it was a surfer town, and this was for sure the truth. Hippies were everywhere. After walking the crowded streets, we headed to our hostel, a great little place called Hostel Kiwi.



Hostel Kiwi

Hostel Kiwi

I used to think "Mangy Mutt" was just a term

I used to think “Mangy Mutt” was just a term

Easy to relax at Hostel Kiwi

Easy to relax at Hostel Kiwi
















The next morning we had breakfast on a corner cafe, as a a local guitar player strolled by and serenaded us. then we headed to the beach for the day. As it was overcast, we didn’t spend much time in the water, but when we did it felt great! Somehow Nathan and I still ended up with a little bit if a sunburn, despite all the clouds, and spending all of our time under an umbrella! The sun is incredibly strong here on the equator.

Nathan getting some sun!

Nathan getting some sun!

La Playa

La Playa


That night we managed to find a great place that Nathan had seen online called “Sushi and Thai”…. As advertised, they served Sushi and Thai. We got a little of both, and were not disappointed! We had not had any good ethnic food since arriving in Ecuador, so this was a real treat. As we strolled the street afterward, we crossed through a group of people having a “jam session” with different sorts of drums. A few minutes later, we were entertained by a women and man juggling, and hula-hooping.


Dinner was good

Dinner was good









Monday morning we got up and had a great breakfast, and then headed up the beach for a stroll. We found the town to be especially nice this morning, as all the partyers from the weekend had left, or were sleeping it off. The town had a very different feel, quiet and quaint.



















Overall we really enjoyed our time in Montañita. It is unlike any place we had ever been to before. I would not recommend it to any one who is not fond of crowds, or who can’t enjoy themselves in an environment full of dirty transient people. We fond all the people to be very friendly, and helpful though. We felt perfectly safe. Monday morning is a great time to go, as the crowds are gone, and you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere if this is more to your liking.

We updated our “Pictures” page with more photos of our trip.

2 thoughts on “Montañita

  1. Hi you two grandma and I are at PANEREA having breakfast and maybe beach later looks like a beautiful place but there’s no place like home can’t wait til your home miss and love you both oxox

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