Un Lección en Señas por Los Niños

Last Wednesday their were 6 of us in service in the morning, and the plan was to head out to a small community well outside of Loja that had never been canvassed for deaf. So we all piled in a small car that belongs to our brother and sister Leo and Karla, and we headed up the windy mountain road. After about a half hour of nothing, we stopped to admire the view.

From the top

From the top



We decided we wouldn’t head down this road anymore, because we weren’t sure how far this place was, so we turned around. There was however a small grouping of houses about halfway down the mountain, so wanting to make our time worthwhile, we decided to canvass there. We were told about two small children that attended a school nearby. We didn’t have time to further investigate, as it was quite a walk to the school, and we already had a bit of a walk to get back.

Canvassing in the country

Canvassing in the country


So this morning Elena and I returned. We were once again in Karla’s car, although this time without Leo. Karla had brought along her small nephew, and another young brother accompanied us. After quite a distance, we tried canvassing a few new houses. Finally we came out on a road near the school, and decided to walk down to the school, and inquire about the kids. Karla talked to the one teacher on duty, and turns out he has one student with a hearing problem. He welcomed us in, and we headed to a small building in back where the kids were eating lunch. We weren’t sure which one, if any of them were deaf, but Karla took the opportunity to give the kids a quick sign lesson, and invite them to the hall. Heres the video:

Afterwards we tested one of the girls that said she couldn’t hear well, but her hearing loss seemed slight. Ohh well, it was still a really cool experience. We were able to place a brochure with the teacher, and some magazines with a young kid along the way.



With Karla and her nephew at the school

With Karla and her nephew at the school

Los niños

Los niños

Karla's Nephew "chonchito"

Karla’s Nephew “chonchito”

Teaching the kids

Teaching the kids


We found out there is supposedly another girl in a school nearby that is deaf. So we will be heading back next week!

9 thoughts on “Un Lección en Señas por Los Niños

  1. You guys look so happy. You always look great and still do. It seems to really suit you there. I guess according to your packing for the assembly, you can still use more simplifying. LOL We miss you beyond what even we expected, but seeing your pics really helps to know you are happy in your new assignment, and Jehovah is blessing you. Just say no to the baby hint.
    love eternal, mom and dad

  2. It’s so encouraging to read your experiences and see how Jehovah is blessing your efforts to serve him more fully. We also have the goal to become need-greaters in a foreign country while our kids are young. I look forward to reading more about your life in Ecuador and hopefully take a few pointers to help us be able to do the same. Best wishes to you both!
    Alexis, Jimmy, Madelyn and Jonah Daugaard

    • Thanks so much for commenting! Its great to hear about family’s wanting to do something like this. It’s defiantly an even bigger leap of faith, But many have done it successfully. If you get a chance, check out the website http://www.gringosabroad.com . They are a witness family living here in Cuenca. They were the same family that was interviewed briefly at the end of the recent video shown during the CO’s visits in the states. I’m sure you will all find it helpful, and encouraging. Our next blog will be all about Cuenca, as we are headed there for the weekend. We here it is a really great place!
      Thanks again.

      Jeremy n Elena

  3. Ok, wow! Ecuador is an amazing country and you two are amazing friends so it is a perfect match. I’m a little sad that we couldn’t convince you of the need in Sign here in China but it looks like you have been clearly selected for your location. Keep killing it there and don’t stress the local language since it will come. Makes me think we should have started a blog, but it doesn’t really work here for logistical reasons. Don’t stop, we love it and are living vicariously through you with all your clean air and blue skies.


    • Thanks for saying that Mike! You know that you guys were a big inspiration to us. We are still thinking of visiting you guys over there sometime next year. Look forward to talking with you guys soon

      • Absolutely! Come anytime! We would love to have you two. I seriously doubt that we deserve any credit for you departing for such grand adventures, but we are happy for you nonetheless. Let’s chat soon, send us a skype msg for when you are usually free.

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