New Apartment

So for the first few weeks here in Loja we lived in a beautiful place, very large, nice wood, and tile floors. The problem was that it had 3 Bedrooms- with closets. 2 additional rooms-without closets, and a massive living room. Really too much space for just the two of us. We didnt have the furniture to fill it, or the money to buy furniture to fill it. It was hard to feel at home. So we mentioned this to a few friends in our hall, and they told us about a sister on the same block as the kingdom hall that had a few places to rent. So a week or so ago we went to look at them. She had upstairs and downstairs apartments for rent. We liked the upstairs apartment. So we decided to move. This past week we have been moving, thus the reason for the silence.

Here are some pics of the new place.

DSC00670 DSC00676 DSC00675 DSC00674 DSC00673 DSC00672 DSC00671

We are so happy to have this new place. Its right around the corner from our hall. We’ve spent time this week getting it painted, and buying some small things to make it feel comfortable. Its nice to have a place we can relax at the end of the day that feels like a home. It’s also less rent, and has hot water!! Our last place did not have a hot water heater, so it was quite an ordeal to take a hot shower. So this place is an upgrade in that regard. Its never easy to make a change like this, but all the advice we got from other people that have been in our situation have encouraged us to make our home our “Paradise”. Hopefully this is the case with this apartment. Any of you that know Elena, know that she will make this place amazing. Another great thing is that we rent from a sister, and, a couple from our hall is moving in upstairs!

More on our service experiences soon.

5 thoughts on “New Apartment

  1. The new place looks sooo nice! Love your furniture …especially the dining set.
    I agree about a big place verses small and cozy!
    It’s been wonderful to enjoy the Ecuadorian experience vicariously through you! 😊

    Always missing you!
    Chris & Franz Misic

  2. Elena you always make everything so nice for you and Jeremy and thats because it is a house of love. Your mom said you weren’t feeling so well so I told grandma and we all have been praying for you to get better. Can’t express how proud you two make us and how very much we miss you! Love you both so much! OXOX Aunt DD & Uncle Denny

  3. Love the pictures. My son and I would love to visit, connect with other need greaters, especially those with kids. We’ve been talking about moving some place for a year.

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